Victoria Blatterman

From her position as a law clerk with Charleston-based George Sink PA Injury Lawyers, Victoria Blatterman does her best to assist attorneys in their effort to recover medical bills, car repair costs and other losses for their clients. However, Victoria also plays a critical part in the process when she helps clients get through their ordeal as fully as possible, by arranging for the best doctors, rehab specialists and physical therapists to see and treat their clients.

Born and raised in the Charleston area, Victoria Blatterman has never gone far. Since she graduated from Ashley Ridge High School, she went to college in the area and then spent three years as a special education teacher in the region, until 2013, which is about when she decided to go into the law to help people that way. She spent some time as a law clerk at the Anastopoulo Law Firm in Charleston before landing at the Sink Firm. At various times over the past ten years, she also has taught sailing and coached racing teams because she is an avid sailor and racer herself. She also is a member of the Transpacific Yacht Club.