Victoria BlattermanLooking at the situation from Victoria Blatterman’s perspective, those who have been injured in accidents that are someone else’s fault should never have to pay for all of the healthcare needed to make their lives whole again. In fact, they should be full compensated for everything they lose as a result of the accident. In addition to hospital bills and bills for physical therapy and rehabilitation, they also should be able to recover for lost income, as well as for theirs and their families’ emotional strain and the pain and suffering caused by their accident.

The reason Victoria Blatterman works as a law clerk with George Sink, P.A is because she believes strongly that, when someone has been injured in an accident, they need assistance to rebuild their lives and recover from their injuries and she helps to provide that. She assists attorneys at the firm in dealing with insurance adjusters and the attorneys for the negligent party in a valiant attempt to get the best possible outcome.